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Pure Blue Sustainability is part of Pure Blue L.L.C based in Dubai / United Arab Emirates dedicated to providing solutions to the ever growing problem of water saving / water conservation.

We Offer a wide range of tap aerators, flow regulator & water saving shower heads and through our innovative and cost-effective products, we allow a significant reduction in water consumption, and electricity consumption while maintaining pressure levels for both taps and showers.

All of our Eco-friendly products are designed and manufactured in house and use only the highest grade recycled ABS Plastics and all of our ABS based products are recyclable and thus ensure a complete “green package”.

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Water saving shower heads

Pure Blue’s Water Saving Shower heads conserve water, energy and money, yet provide you with the luxurious showering experience you desire by maintaining your pressure while offering lighter, softer water droplets against the skin.

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Saved Over 2.25 Billion Liters of Water in UAE Since 2015

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Saved Over 2.25 Billion Liters of Water in UAE Since 2015

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Pure Blue’s Water Saving Tap aerators are great products for water saving and can achieve up to 98% of saving. they can lower water consumption whilst maintaining the pressure. The tap aerator is a small attachment that fits the end of the tap that controls the amount of water flow through the tap without affecting your water pressure. Pure Blue flow regulators ensures that you have consistent flow of water while saving water  and they can be used in all locations, public, en-suite and commercial bathrooms or residential homes.

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Pure blue sustainability is the leading supplier for water saving project in UAE with extensive portfolio of water saving project for reputable clients such as Emirates Airlines, DEWA, JAFZA and Jumeirah hotel group, We have save over 2.25 Billion Liters of Water in UAE Since 2015 and we are ready to be your partner in your next water conservation project. Let us know about your project requirements and we will get back to you As soon as possible.

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