ABOUT Pure Blue Sustainability

Pure Blue is a UAE-based company dedicated to helping the hospitality, commercial, industrial and residential sectors in ways to conserve water and energy. We have specialized in water saving for over 10 years across the Middle East Region focusing on Water Saving whilst ensuring the best user experience.

We understand the goal of sustainability is to enhance quality of life, without compromising the needs of future generations. We are committed to finding solutions to the growing issue of water and energy conversation, and to help our customers to cut their utility bills. Our innovative and eco-friendly water saving methods and water efficient products significantly reduce water consumption while maintaining pressure levels in taps and showers.

Our Mission

To offer cost-effective and sustainable solutions to reduce water consumption whilst maintaining pressure.

Water Saving Products

All of our products are designed and manufactured in Europe – Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and Switzerland and conform to global ISO standards.

Additionally, all of our ABS based products are recyclable and thus ensure a complete “green package”.

Saving the planet  started with you

Why we need to conserve water

Water is a precious commodity in our region, where fresh water is scarce and utility bills are rising, so being able to conserve water by limiting our consumption is increasingly important. Conservation of water not only helps in reducing our utility bills, but also in making us responsible citizens, ensuring we preserve this precious gift for future generations.

According to statistics compiled by the WWF and the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi, the UAE is the highest per capita consumer of water in the world with a staggering average water consumption of 625 liters per day. This is putting a huge strain on rapidly depleting fresh water supplies and requires more water to be produced by de-salination – a process that involves huge energy expenditure


We have chosen to be headquartered here in the UAE, so Pure Blue Sustainability can be an agent of change in the UAE and the Middle East.

Behavioral changes to our use of water and installation of water saving devices would result in an average daily saving of 366.5 litres – a huge 59 per cent reduction in average daily consumption.

Change can be a challenge at the beginning, but by working together and educating residents and businesses, we strongly believe that the region can embrace this change.

“The rate that the world consumes water is both alarming and unsustainable. Simple changes in behavior can make a real contribution to water and energy conservation. ”

Our Solution

We offer a wide range of water saving tap aerators, flow regulators, water saver shower heads and water saving tap nozzles with 3 years replacement warranty.

Our water saver products use a simple and yet effective method of Injecting air which reduces water consumption significantly, while maintaining water pressure in showers and taps. All of our products also feature a sophisticated built in flow regulator that ensures a fixed flow rate.

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User Experience

User experience is at the core of Pure Blue’s mission statement when recommending water saving products for you.

Having the expertise and product knowledge, we are able to recommend  the right model to ensure a unique and wonderful user experience while you save money, water and energy.