Saving Water in the Shower: It’s Easier than You Think!

We’ve all been there, your family members or roommates running out of the shower shivering and cold because someone used up all the (hot) water. Or maybe you go camping or traveling frequently and stay at BnB’s and have to adjust to the country’s or city’s sometimes inadequate water supply. It’s never fun, and it makes you wonder if there are some things you could be doing differently. After all, it takes energy to pump, heat, and deliver water and we all know our planet could really use the effort. Luckily, there are a few simple steps you can take to lend yourself and the planet a hand.


Spend less time in the shower

This one’s obvious. If you typically spend 20 minutes in the shower, try cutting it in half. Did you know dermatologists recommend the typical shower be between 5 and 15 minutes long and showering in cold to lukewarm water? Long, hot showers, although more comforting, take a toll on your hair and skin in the long run. Also, you should be closing the tap when running water is not needed, like when soaping up or shaving.


Check your shower hose and head for leaks

if you’ve been using the same shower appliances for a long time, chances are there is some leakage. Your shower could be leaking from several places, such as from the shower head face, from the connections with the hose or the shower head, or from the hose itself if it is broken in one or more places. The issue may be as simple as the shower head or hose not being tight enough at the connections, in which case you’ll just need to tighten it. If there appears to be a break somewhere, you may need to buy new parts/devices.


Greywater collection

This one doesn’t save water in the shower specifically, but rather helps reduce water consumption in other places in your home. Greywater is defined as used water collected from non-fecal sources (generally from the shower, sink, washing machine) for other purposes, such as irrigation, toilet flushing and more. Simply place a bucket on the floor while you’re showering and let the water collect. You can then use it for other purposes and cut drastically on water consumption.


Installing water saving appliances

All the above steps are great at reducing water consumption, but to really crack it, installing water-saving appliances is the way to go. Our Pure Blue handheld showers, tap aerators, and flow regulators are perfect for reducing water consumption while maintaining an excellent pressure and user experience. Try our Water Saving Easy Clean Power Shower, which offers up to 50% water reduction (8 liters/minute), is detachable so you can use it even when you travel, and ionizes water in soft water droplets. With Pure Blue products, saving water doesn’t have to feel like a burden or a hassle. In fact, our products are so comfortable and easy to use that you’ll be wondering why you didn’t take the plunge earlier!

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