Low Water Pressure in Your House? – Causes & Easy Solutions

Low Water Pressure in Your House? – Causes & Easy Solutions

If you’ve ever had to experience the inconvenience and hassle that comes along with clogged drains and pipes, then you know it’s no fun having to call a plumber or stop using certain washbasins temporarily. Luckily, low water pressure in your house isn’t always as bad and doesn’t necessarily require calling a plumber.

Causes of Low Water Pressure

We are sharing are some common causes of low water pressure in your house so you can eliminate irrelevant causes and find the one that’s causing you to miss out on pleasurable water pressure.

Your Water Supplier

Sometimes the problem has absolutely nothing to do with you. Check with neighbors and other tenants nearby to see if they’re also experiencing low water pressure. If it’s a common occurrence in the building, you should probably reach out to your water supplier for a quick solution.

Clogged Pipes

This cause seems pretty obvious but is often overlooked. Did you know pipes come with an expiration date? Find out what they’re made of and how and when they were installed to better assess their condition. Clogged pipes can result from old age, house expansions, and shared pipes.

Leaking Pipes

If you step in a puddle of water, you can bet it’s your pipes that are leaking. However, you don’t have to notice part of your house flooding for your pipes to be leaking. Sometimes a very minor leak can throw off the entire flow of your water pressure. Make sure to check for leaking pipes regularly, and call a plumber if you suspect that is the case.

Solutions for Low Water Pressure

The causes may seem intimidating, but here are some simple solutions for low water pressure in your house.

Pipe Replacement or Relining

Depending on the gravity of the situation, your pipes might need to be replaced. If the leakage is extremely minor, relining might be a better and more affordable solution for you, which includes repairing the cracked pipes from the inside without digging by creating a new pipe inside the broken one.

Install a Pressure Booster Pump

Water pressure booster pumps are designed to increase pressure, as their name suggests. They add extra pressure to your home by pushing water through the pump from your mains supply and then ejecting it into your home water system at a higher pressure. Installing one can be difficult and usually requires an expert.

Install Tap Aerators

The simplest solution that both improves your water pressure and saves water is to install tap water aerators in your house. Installing a tap aerator can help slow down the flow while filtering the water from impurities. Here’s one that can save water by up to 98%.

 While there are several water pressure problems that would require a plumber, sometimes the solution is as simple as installing a small aerator that not only maintains the perfect water pressure but also keeps it clean and protects the environment.

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