Reduce Wastage of Water in 5 Simple Ways

Reduce Wastage of Water in 5 Simple Ways

Given our obliviousness to how much clean water is actually available, and oftentimes how much we consume when we use water, it’s difficult to be mindful of how much water is wasted.


Why Save Water

With the growing number of droughts and similar natural disasters happening around the world, water has become a precious resource with growing demand. It’s true that at least 70% of the Earth is made up of water, but many regions don’t have access to clean usable water. As a result, many countries turn to desalination and other solutions to clean seawater and strip it of its salt content, but the chlorine used in the process is harmful to our bodies.


Ways we Waste Water

From cooking to cleaning, and everything in between, these are some ways we waste water and might not be aware of.

  • Being unaware of or ignoring leaks
  • Overwatering plants and lawns
  • Having older toilets that waste more water per flush
  • Taking baths instead of showers
  • Keeping faucets running while not in use
  • Washing small loads in the dishwasher or washing machine
  • Consuming food and beverages that leave us dehydrated

In our last post about the Usage of Water in Daily Life, we measure how much water is actually wasted.


Reduce Wastage of Water in 5 Simple Ways

The ways we waste water may surprise you but making some changes to our lifestyle and around the house can surely make a difference.


Check for Leaks

Some leaks in your pipes might not always be as obvious as the tedious ones you hear when trying to fall asleep. If you think your water bill might not be accurate, ask a plumber to professionally check for leaks around the house.


Wash Dishes Smartly

If you have a dishwasher, use it but only with a full load. Believe it or not, a full load in the dishwasher uses less water than you would if you were to hand wash every dish individually. However, try to avoid pre-rinsing before loading the dishwasher, as it’s unnecessary wastage of water.


Take Showers Instead of Baths

Filling a bathtub wastes a lot of water and doesn’t offer the clean experience that should come with bathing. Opt for showers instead but cut down on the time you spend under the water, as every minute in the shower can use up to 10 gallons of water.


Install a Rain Showerhead

Worried that using less water will compromise your relaxing experience? Consider installing a rain showerhead that not only soothes and relaxes you but also equally distributes water across your whole body so you spend less time and less water for the same pleasurable experience.


Reuse Water

In some cases, reusing used water may not seem practical, but there are many opportunities you’ll find around the house to save. For example, the water used to soak your fruits and vegetables can easily be reused for cleaning or watering your plants. The same applies to the half-empty water bottles you may find laying around the house.


Don’t Leave the Faucet Running

Sometimes, we mindlessly keep the faucet running while shaving, brushing our teeth, or washing our hands. We can save significantly by shutting off the faucet when it’s not in use.


Install a Tap Aerator

There’s also a solution to how much water is wasted while the water is running. Installing a tap aerator can help slow down the flow while filtering the water from impurities. Here’s one that can save water by up to 98%.


These simple, yet effective methods to reduce wastage of water will help put you and the planet at ease.


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